Steven Gibbs Hyper Dimensional Resonator

A. HDR uses caduceus coil

Inside the Hyper Dimensional Resonator is a Tensor Coil that Steven Gibbs calls a bifiliar winding. This wire is supposed to create scalar waves that cause the Gibbs effect. I have found that using Steven Gibbs Hyper Dimensional Resonator affects nearby clocks. Perhaps it is scalar waves from the caduceus coil that cause this effect. This effect was first described by Wilbert Smith.

Smith created the new type of winding called a Tensor Coil or
caduceus coil and found that it created scalar waves.

I believe that most of this tech is based on old Philadelphia Experiment / Montauk Project technology developed by NGOs.

The US Govenment may have used caduceus coils in its
Temporal Transmission Research Project to effect time travel. 

From information I have gathered it is believed that the Eldridge may have used a strong pulsed magnetic field to warp time and space..

B. Steven Gibbs HDR has a pulsed magnetic field

Steven Gibbs HDR uses a pulsed magnetic and also a bifiliar winding / caduceus coil to create the"effect" that we are experimenting.

According to Steven L. Gibbs you must place the HDR over a magnetic gridpoint vortex in order to acheive time travel.

Steven Gibbs claims that the HDR causes the gridpoint vortex which is a magnetic anomaly to punch a hole through a dimensional doorway to the parallel timeline.
HDR box built by Steven Gibbs

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