I do not make, sell, or repair any HDR units. My interest is in finding other HDR users and to learn what is going on in the world of the HDR. In addition to the HDR I have tested two other devices that Steven Gibbs built - the STM or Space Time Modulator and the Time Transposer.

Currently there are five companies engaging in the manufacturing of the hyper dimensional resonator, companies like Life Technologies and Future Horizons, back in 1985 when the HDR first came out it was only Steven Gibbs in his garage building HDR units. Now plans of the HDR and lists of parts are available for free on the internet, so that anybody with a little time and a little solder can build one.

I use Steven Gibbs Hyper Dimensional Resonator for Astral Time Travel. That is my primary purpose - investigating paranormal phenomena. Understanding the great unkowns in human history.

In the interest of maintaining a fair balanced view of paranormal phenomena, I try to avoid conflicts of interest. My studies of paranormal phenomena are not influenced by financial considerations, but instead by a desire to explore uncharted territory. I am interested in supplying top notch information about the Hyper Dimensional Resonator to people who want to find out more about Steven Gibbs and his machines.

Hyper Dimensional Resonator invented by Steven Gibbs