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Steven Gibbs HDR electromagnet and headcoils
Steven Gibbs HDR
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The Hyper Dimensional Resonator (HDR), must be tuned to the correct frequency to achieve its effect. Like all radionics machines, the HDR is a bit of a mystery. How do we find the proper rates to assist with astral time travel?

I believe that is a very important thing is for the operator of the HDR to enter the alpha state and clear the mind. This can be achieved through meditation, but I believe that radionics can enable people to boost their natural abilities.

We could call the Steven Gibbs HDR a techno-shamanic tool, used by technomages in attempting to increase their natural latent psychic abilities. Perhaps the pulsed magnetic field can stimulate deep thought process associated with natural psychic ability. We still do not understand the great unknown.

What we do know is that the Hyper Dimensional Resonator was invented in 1985 by Steven Gibbs while he was a farmer in Nebraska. This tool was based on an earlier more crude radionics machine known as the Sonic Resonator which Steven Gibbs developed in 1981.

The HDR has added to it a caduceus coil which Steven Gibbs says is responsible for creating scalar waves. Tuning these scalar waves to the correct frequency appears to be important. Scalar waves are said to be used in time travel experiments.

This experimental radionics machine can be used for astral time travel. The operator of the HDR needs to set the dials to adjust the frequency that is being generated.

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