HDR Laser Experiments

I have found that Steven Gibbs Hyper Dimensional Resonator (HDR) does not and cannot influence a laser. There were high hopes that the HDR because it uses a cad coil might affect the laser. There is a famous photograph from John Titor of a laser being used in conjunction with his time machine the C204 two topspin tipler sinousoid. After seeing this photo I tried an experiment with the HDR and a laser using video. The famous photo from John Titor gave me the idea of testing to see if a laser would be affected by the HDR.

HDR with laser in experiment
According to Steven Gibbs, the HDR can affect a candle flame, but not a laser. In my experiments with HDR & fire I did not see Steven Gibbs Hyper Dimensional Resonator cause any significant difference to a flame. The experiment with the HDR and a laser was to check the abilities of the HDR.

According to John Titor his time machine used two tiny black holes that distort gravity and make time travel possible. The HDR is based on my older technology like that of the Philadelphia Experiement where electromagnets were used to induce time travel.

It appears that since as electromagnet cannot bend light neither can an HDR. Still doing more experiments.

Here is a video of the HDR used with a laser.

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