HDЯKID Hyper Dimensional Resonator 2012 version

Here it is. 2012 is near. This is the latest prototype box from Steven L. Gibbs even. Look at this brand new one. It is the HDЯKID Hyper Dimensional Resonator 2012 version.

Hyper Dimensional Resonator invented by Steven Gibbs

Steven L. Gibbs currently lives in Lyndon, Kansas now. He sold the farm in Nebraska years ago. What does he do now? Research in fringe science. For example, HDR experiments are very common.

Currently Steven Gibbs has made four units available to us. Also. there are no other companies. Yeah, working in the manufacturing of the new 2012 hyper dimensional resonator. Firms like Life Technologies and Future Horizons are gone. In fact, it is now only Steven Gibbs in his little garage making HDR units.

People can now use Steven Gibbs own 2012 HDR or Hyper Dimensional Resonator for many varying things such as Astral Time Travel. OK, case in point, that is our main purpose - investigating paranormal psychic phenomena and odd occurrences.