More Secrets of the HDR

Latest HDR Secrets

1) Steven Gibbs HDR used to be shipped in two separate boxes, one for the HDR electromagnet, the other for the control unit.

2) If you use a south pole field instead of a north pole field Steven Gibbs says you can be sent to bad astral regions.

3) According to Steven Gibbs he says that the HDR can be used for invisibility. Not sure what the rates are.

4) HDR can cause blackouts.

5) Another HDR secret is that when used with a Tesla coil TV reception can be affected.

More secrets of Steven Gibbs HDR (Hyper Dimensional Resonator)


6. Many people claim to have strange experiences with the HDR.

7. Inventor Steven Gibbs tests every HDR unit he builds before he sends it out.

8. Hyper Dimensional Resonators used to use Radio Shack speaker wire, now its 21' magnet wire.


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