Secrets of Steven Gibbs HDR

HDR Secrets

1) 10K pots are easier to tune than 50K pots. Use 10K pots in your HDR. Steven Gibbs started out with 75K pots and then went to 50K.

2) Turn the pots S-L-O-W-L-Y when tuning the HDR. That way you can more easily get a stick reaction.

3) Drag your fingers over the rubbing plate in a circular fashion.

4) A sneaky strategy to tuning the Hyper Dimensional Resonator - HDR is to rotate both knobs at the same time. Instead of rubbing with one hand and turning one knob. As you get closer to where the stick reaction occurs you will "feel funny".

5) Another HDR secret is that you can tune the box without using a rubbing plate. You can use a pendulum while turning both knobs of Steven Gibbs HDR.

Steven Gibbs HDR (Hyper Dimensional Resonator) with Magnifying Glass

Dollar Bill - ittems can lose tthier time lock and age quickly. Steven Gibbs reports this as an effect of the Hyper Dimensional Resonator.

6. According to inventor Steven Gibbs when you move items that time travel they can lose their TIME LOCK and age very fast. Items will start to crumble and then turn to dust. 30 years is the maximum that you can transport items without this effect. Al Bielek reports a man who aged one month per hour after losing his time lock in the Philadelphia Experiment.

Date of Dollar Bill was 1977.

7. One way to prevent losing the time lock is to reset it by an electric shock. For example, from a Tesla coil. This should reset the time lock.

8. The HDR witness well can use used as a radionics device. All Hyper Dimensional Resonators use a black plastic witness well made from a film can.

HDR and witness well.

9. Here are more HDR secrets.


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