Using HDR with ORAC

Steven Gibbs Hyper Dimensional Resonator (HDR) and Reich's Orgone Accumulator (ORAC)

By alternating layers of metal foil and organic cloth (cotton) I have created a simple ORAC that can be used with Steven Gibbs HDR. This ORAC can be placed inside the witness well of the HDR. Since the Hyper Dimensional Resonator is also a radionics machine then it can be used with an ORAC. I believe that an orgone accumulator developed by Wilhelm Reich might help the HDR to boost its power. My current experiment is to use an ORAC made of alternating sheets of cotton and metal foil so as to experiment with Steven Gibbs HDR.

Similar to a capacitor the Orgone Accumulator or ORAC will gather as much orgone energy as it can until it reaches saturation. The ORAC does not create orgone but only accumulates it. Orgone is created by natural organic processes such as by living plants.

See how to construct an orgone accumulator or ORAC to use with your Hyper Dimensional Resonator by watching a video of a simple HDR ORAC being built. This ORAC can be placed inside the witness well of the HDR to serve as the sample.

Inside the Witness Well of the Hyper Dimensional Resonator, a radionics machine, I will place samples of plant matter that I wish to improve. For example, I can place a part of a leaf inside the Witness Well of the HDR to represent the whole plant.

This leaf serves as the witness. I then turn on the Witness Light when the witness well of the HDR (Hyper Dimensional Resonator) is powered up. The leaf should contain some orgone energy since it is part of a living organism. This may explain why a leaf would work better in the witness well than a coin.

Many radionics machines contain rubbing plates that can be tuned to the correct frequency to generate our effect. The HDR is an experimental device that is currently being evaluated.

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