Rubbing Plate of HDR - Hyper Dimensional Resonator

  Rubbing Plate in HDR - Hyper Dimensional Resonator

Our Hyper Dimensional Resonator contains a phenolic rubbing plate and a witness well, see above picture, like most other radionics devices.

This rubbing plate is what enables you to tune the HDR box.

The HDR's rubbing plate has a caduceus coil under the phenolic plate:


To tune your HDR.

First you turn on the Witness Light. Flip the bottom switch.

Now start rubbing your fingers clockwise on the Rubbing Plate while you adjust the dials.

There are two dials to tune your HDR unit, they are the known as "<A" the top dial
and known as "<B" the bottom dial.

Tune your top dial A first, then the B bottom dial next.

You know that the rubbing plate is tuned properly

when your fingers and hands get stuck to the plastic surface of the phenolic rubbing plate.

This is called a "stick reaction."

Do this process by using the rubbing plate (above) and getting a stick reaction.

Right now I am conducting an experiment using orgone accumulators (ORAC) with the HDR. The rubbing plate with a stick reaction is used to find the right rate to improve plant growth.

More experiments are planned using Steven Gibbs HDR and other inventions.


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