Components of hyperdimensional resonator

  Steven Gibbs HDR - hyperdimensional resonator

Witness Well contains a sample. For example, you can place a lock of hair inside the Witness Well or some other sample of the person. This living piece of matter contains orgone or life force.

Witness Light turns on when witness well is activated. Flip the bottom white switch.

The three switches are:

  • PWR - Power switch turns on electromagnet
  • AMP - Amp sends power to stabilizer
  • CLR - Clear activates the witness well


There are two dials used to tune the HDR, they are the top dial known as "<A"
and the bottom dial known as "<B".

Tune the top dial first, then adjust the bottom dial.

You can do this by using the HDR Rubbing Plate.
Look at the above picture to see where the HDR rubbing plate is.

You continue to rub your fingers over the rubbing plate until they feel like glue is on them.

See How to tune.

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