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Find out the latest on Steven Gibbs & your new HDR

This just in. I got a phone call from legendary inventor Steven Gibbs. He says he just got the contract to go on Conspiracy TV. He was ready to sign on. Well, he is not going. The contract is very vague. He also is upset that the man who was going to give the interview is gone. I believe he did resign. Sad as I was looking forward to seeing Steven Gibbs on TV.

What is an HDR you ask me. Look in, yes deep inside the Witness Well of the Hyper Dimensional Resonator, and you see a radionics machine which is in use when the witness well of the HDR (Hyper Dimensional Resonator) is powered up.

Many radionics machines contain rubbing plates that can be tuned to the correct frequency to generate our effect. The HDR is an experimental device that is currently being evaluated by me. I use it for Astral Time Travel.

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